OpenVino by Intel Labs packs a punch

Year Founded:2018

Official Website:

Headquarters:Around the globe

Open Source:Yes

Date Published:December 4, 2023

Last Modified:December 10, 2023


OpenVino: Models, Compression techniques, Libraries, and Languages.

What is OpenVino

OpenVino looks like the follow up from Intel Lab's earlier work "Distiller".

Having the first commit in 2018, the real work and active contributions only started happening in 2020. The library contains a lot of tooling as well as advanced compression and optimization tools.

OpenVino is an extensive and requires deep knowledge of the network in order to achieve great results. The powerful library offers the most benefit for Intel hardware.

To make use of OpenVino you have to convert your model to the OpenVino IR format, a proprietary format which contains a binary and xml file with the weights and models topology respectively.

OpenVino uses the Apache License 2.0


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