Deepspeed AI

DeepSpeed empowers ChatGPT-like model training with a single click, offering 15x speedup over SOTA RLHF systems with unprecedented cost reduction at all scales.

Year Founded:2020

Official Website:

Headquarters:Redmond, Washington, USA

Open Source:No

Date Published:November 28, 2023

Last Modified:November 28, 2023


Deepspeed AI: Models, Compression techniques, Libraries, and Languages.

What is Deepspeed AI

DeepSpeed is an impressive library that packs immense punch.

Deepspeed is deep learning optimization software suite that powers scale and speed for both training and inference.

Albeit complicated, Deepspeed is a library able to compress and optimize your neural network significantly. The list of publications of models achieving multiple digit optimizations is long and recently updated.

Deepspeed works with a configuration file where you specify how your network should be optimized and improved.

Deepspeed's configuration may be complex, and there are many options, they are really powerful if applied to the right models.

Deepspeed is licensed under the Apache 2 License.