Apache TVM

Apache TVM is an open-source machine learning compiler framework for diverse hardware platforms.

Year Founded:2016

Official Website: tvm.apache.org/


Open Source:Yes

Date Published:December 4, 2023

Last Modified:February 6, 2024

Apache TVM: Models, Compression techniques, Libraries, and Languages.

What is Apache TVM

Apache is a well known organization and has been around the ETL, machine learning and deep learning space for a long time. TVM is kind of an odd one out, since it's technically a compiler and not a compresion library, but we think it kind of makes sense to be listed here (for now at least). TVM means Tensor Virtual Machine. With the first commit made in 2016, it's one fairly old product compared to the more recent providers. TVM runs on virtually any hardware as virtual machines tend to do.